MJ HOEHN – “A Ray of Gold”

My Work and Background

My works are a fusion of acrylics, watercolor, metallics and gel mediums -“Splashing Colors”- on canvas and paper. Painting feels like dancing to me- capturing the joy of movement and light.   I mix my works with luminescent metallics and iridescents, especially golds and pearls, with a splash of color.  I love to experiment with gel mediums such as glass beads, pumice stone, gold mica flakes  They have been described as having an “ethereal” or “magical” quality. 

I am a self-taught painter.  While I have only been painting for a few years, my background includes working for many years in creative environments – advertising, marketing, set design.  My work also took me to many wonderful places in Europe and cities around the US.   I lived for many years near Central Park and Sutton Place in New York, and along the Hudson River Waterfront in Jersey City. I am in love with the beauty of the architecture and water scenes and started taking photographs of the world around me.  

Most of my paintings are from these photographs, featuring the beautiful lights, colors and reflections along the Hudson River, as well as my favorite spots in New York City.  I also have a collection of dancers, children and lovers captured in movement and light, as well as a series of sunrises and sunsets from around the world from photographs sent from wonderful family and friends. 

Why I Paint

“I paint “HAPPY”scenes – whether it’s an explosion of color, romance, dance, children or the tranquility of an exquisite sunrise or sunset.  I like creating moods in my paintings. 

My father, Ray Hoehn, was a sign painter – back in the days when they used paint.  I can still picture him so clearly working on the details of sketches ,logos, lettering.  And I picture him with me when I work on my paintings.  My father was made from platinum.  I originally wrote on my website that my father did not paint pictures, but that he was an artist.  I found out from my 2 oldest siblings that, before my time, my father did indeed paint - large murals on the basement walls.  I wish he had kept on painting. 

I want people to feel positive emotions when they look at my work – peace, joy, hope, romance, fun – and maybe an escape from worries.  Hopefully, a “Ray of Gold”.  There is so much beauty in the world to inspire”  Contact:  MJHnyc200@gmail.com

PRINTS AND MERCHANDISE:  Prints and reproductions of MJ’s paintings are available in a variety of mediums and sizes, including canvas, wood, metal,paper, framed or unframed.  Also a variety of custom made merchandise, including tee-shirts, tote bags, mugs, pillows, and more. Contact us for a list of vendors, items and current promotions.  Licensing opportunities are also available.

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